• Shelley Henderson

The Salvation Army of the Carolinas: Always There

Charlotte, N.C. (November 3, 2016)—Four weeks ago, Hurricane Matthew made landfall in the Carolinas, significantly impacting both states. In the days after the storm, more than 1.3 million customers were without power and almost 10,000 people were living in shelters. Floodwaters from the storm devastated parts of eastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina; more than 28,400 households from both states have been approved for FEMA assistance as a result of the flooding.

The Salvation Army was there. Since the first week of October, The Salvation Army of the Carolinas provided 143,988 meals, 256,825 snacks and drinks, 7,200 cases of emotional and spiritual care, and Salvation Army officers, employees and volunteers have given 31,371 hours of service.

Conditions in the Carolinas are slowly getting better. Power has been restored to customers, floodwaters have receded, and officials are working to find temporary housing for people whose homes were flooded. Salvation Army canteens have rolled home as the need for mass feeding and hydration has concluded and Salvation Army services have transitioned from response to recovery.

Today local Salvation Army centers are hard at work assisting individuals and families with their individual disasters. Whether it is one person with a personal financial disaster caused by job loss or costly car repairs or helping disaster survivors whose lives have been affected by Hurricane Matthew, we are there. We are there to provide Christmas toys for children, a hand up in financial emergencies, a place to worship and find community, life-giving programs for youth and senior citizens, shelter for the homeless, or food and water, hope and recovery to people who are experiencing a disaster. The Salvation Army is at work:  Doing the Most Good with the resources entrusted to us.

Our work in the Carolinas is not complete. Some of that work will be physical; even more will be emotional and spiritual. In the weeks, months, and years ahead we will continue to fulfill our mission to serve those who need us and we will be here until we are no longer needed.