• Kimberly George

As Compassion Floods the Region, The Salvation Army Welcomes and Prepares to Serve Thousands in Davidson, Wilson and Putnam Counties in Tennessee

NASHVILLE, TN – The Middle Tennessee region prepares for the influx of thousands of volunteers to extend hope which is the hallmark of The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army will serve meals and emotional and spiritual care alongside those who love their neighbors.  

“We are tripling our meal count for Saturday and Sunday in anticipation of residents and volunteers being on the frontlines of the destruction, cleaning up debris,” states Bo Sells, Salvation Army Operations Chief.  

To date, The Salvation Army has served 2,481 meals along with 4,097 snacks and 3,166   beverages.  Over 542 individuals have received personal prayer support.

Frontline Services on March 7: The Salvation Army will have 5 Mobile Kitchen Units capable of cooking and serving up to 1500 meals a day, 2 Catering Trucks capable of serving 1500 meals a day and 2 Disaster Response Units, capable of cooking 500 meals and serving up to 1500 meals a day. Along with caring for the physical needs of our neighbors, The Salvation Army will have 16 officers, who are pastors, that can provide Emotional and Spiritual Care.  

For those in need:  

The Salvation Army will be serving meals, beverages and emotional and spiritual care with serving times beginning at 12:00 and 4:00 in the following areas:

  • East Nashville – The East Recreation Center located at 700 Woodland Street and roaming the throughout the neighborhood.
  • North Nashville and Germantown Areas- Hadley Park Community Center and 17th Ave and Buchanan area.   
  • Hermitage/ Donaldson Areas – 3720 James Kay Lane at the Hermitage Community Center and a roaming team in this community
  • Mt. Juliet – Roaming teams will be serving throughout the neighborhoods.
  • Lebanon – Roaming teams will be serving throughout the neighborhoods.
  • Putnam County- Roaming teams will be serving throughout the neighborhoods.

How neighbors can help:

Financial Contributions are needed and most efficient. A cash donation allows charitable relief agencies to use monetary contributions to purchase exactly what disaster survivors need. Monetary contributions are also easy to get to the disaster area. One hundred percent of a disaster donation to The Salvation Army is used for disaster relief efforts for that event. Supplies can almost always be purchased locally at the disaster site and provide savings in multiple ways. Money used to purchase needed items locally can support local and state economies, helping local businesses and workers, which have suffered losses in the wake of the disaster event. 

Nashville Salvation Army Area Commander, Major Ethan Frizzell states, “As the story of response continues to unfold, we are certain of the ending; The Salvation Army will continue to serve the people of Tennessee and we have become stronger together.”  

If you would like to support efforts, please visit this link to donate.  For the latest updates on our disaster relief efforts, visit disaster.salvationarmyusa.org.