• Christopher Priest

Delivering the Sunday Worship Experience in Hampton, Virginia 

Atlanta, GA: As businesses and churches followed orders from the City of Hampton, Virginia, to close and cancel events/services, Captain Michael Good of The Salvation Army Virginia Peninsula took action. “We were saddened to received word late Saturday night from the city asking for churches not to meet the following day. Our church members are among the ‘vulnerable’ population talked about in this pandemic crisis,” explained Captain Good. “We don’t want anyone left behind, and we wanted our people to have the full Sunday experience even if they couldn’t be here in person to worship.” 

The Salvation Army of Virginia Peninsula ministry team met early Sunday to assemble and deliver “Church in a Box” to 30 families, representing about 120 people on the Peninsula. The boxes included step-by-step instructions, guiding families through hymns to sing along to, devotionals and scripture readings, games and activities for the children, and snacks. Upon completion, families were asked to text Captain Good to share their worship experience. “The devotional and bible readings were about rest and shared the comfort they can find in their relationship with God during this time,” explained Captain Good.

The Salvation Army Virginia Peninsula is working closely with local authorities to feed and provide food boxes to those in their community. They are also continuing the “Church in a Box” deliveries each week, addressing the needs of their congregation and providing them with comfort during uncertain times. In the middle of the week they’ve added “Boredom Boxes” that will go to families with children.