• Michelle Hartfield

Loving Thy Neighbor in Lake Charles, LA

Lake Charles, LA (August 30, 2020) - If you are searching for examples of people loving their neighbor as themselves, look no further than South Louisiana. Residents of Lake Charles, Louisiana are going above and beyond to take care of each other just days after Hurricane Laura decimated their entire region. With no power and no water, recourses are hard to come by, but many communities are pooling together to help their neighbors.

One man, Darcy Jones, owns a large generator and has been running it non-stop at his house. He has continued to supply his neighborhood with water and ice as well as a place to stop by and cool off. In return, some of his neighbors have taken it upon themselves to clean the debris out of his yard and help keep the street clear for people to get in. “We are all just doing whatever small part we can to get through this,” said Jones, a native of Wisconsin who has only lived in Louisiana a brief time. 

Another group of New Orleans residents spent their weekend distributing water and masks on their own dime. They wanted no recognition but stated they could not sit around and not help in the small ways available to them. 

One small business, Peggy’s Superette, has been offering their parking lot as a location for The Salvation Army canteens to provide meal service. Today the owner, Judy Nguyen, partnered with The Salvation army to provide food to her neighbors. Their store cooked and distributed 2,500 servings of boudin, turkey wings, and sausage alongside a Salvation Army canteen providing drinks, snacks, and breakfast boxes. “This community has supported our store and our family for 20 years,” said Nguyen, “Now, it’s our turn to support them.”

The Salvation Army will join these neighbors and continue their efforts on the ground in Lake Charles as long as the need continues.