• Michelle Hartfield

'Sometimes Hope Looks like a Can of Formula' - The Salvation Army Continues Hurricane Laura Relief Efforts in Lake Charles

Lake Charles, LA (August 31, 2020) - Liz Chattin has truly embraced the motto of The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services. “Hope is on the Way”. While serving on a canteen truck, distributing food in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Liz met the Aleman family. Mike Aleman and Isabel Ledesma are both deaf, and their baby, Lia, is severely allergic to dairy. Without transportation and with no stores yet open within walking distance, they were desperate to find formula for Lia. 

Liz was able to find diapers and wipes and a baby hygiene kit in The Salvation Army warehouse, and she made it her personal mission to find formula for Lia. With none available locally, she was able to coordinate with a Salvation Army officer to have soy formula brought from Texas. 

“This is my first disaster deployment,” said Liz. “I thought I was prepared, but I wasn’t. It just hit me so hard to find this community that felt abandoned. We tried to find everything they needed. I work with children and babies every day at home. I just had to find this family some soy formula.” 

Mike and Isabel were ecstatic to receive the baby supplies.  “Thank you,” they said over and over again, “Just….thank you.” For this family, hope looked like food for their baby, and The Salvation Army will continue to provide hope to everyone affected by Hurricane Laura.