• Michelle Hartfield

The Salvation Army Widens Service Area as Roads Clear in Lake Charles, LA

Lake Charles, LA (September 2, 2020) - As more roads become navigable in Lake Charles, The Salvation Army has broadened the reach of its mobile feeding units. Many residents are receiving the first hot meal they’ve had since Hurricane Laura made landfall one week ago.

Melony Simon Bourque was beyond moved at these efforts to provide relief. “Y’all are a Godsend,” she said. “I didn’t know what to do.” Melony and her family rode out the storm in the bathroom. After damage done by wind and trees, the bathroom is currently the only room of the house not leaking.

Melony was by herself and with few recourses as her husband is a trucker and gone for long stretches at a time. However, she has not been alone. The business across the street loaned her a generator to keep her house cool, and other neighbors have checked in on her.

The Salvation Army was able to provide her with meals and water as well as cleaning supplies and food for her cats. “I’ll tell you the truth,” Melody confided, “before the storm, I was a loner. I didn’t think there were good people left in this world. Hurricane Laura has shown me how many people are willing to help. My opinion has changed. I can’t thank you enough.” 

To date, The Salvation Army has provided the following in Lake Charles: 

32,699 Prepared Meals

30,071 Drinks

20,928 Snacks

The best way to support the disaster work of The Salvation Army by making a financial donation at www.helpsalvationarmy.org or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY. For the latest emergency disaster services news from The Salvation Army, please go to www.disaster.salvationarmyusa.org and watch for regular updates on our social media pages at www.facebook.com/salarmyalm/ and www.twitter.com/salarmyalm.