• Shelley Henderson

Carrier of Hope - FedEx Sponsored Mobile Feeding Unit Serving in Mayfield Kentucky

Mayfield, KY (December 20, 2021)—Hope comes in many forms. It can be seeing your neighbor’s Christmas lights glow after a week of no power. Hope can be a tarp for your roof when the rain comes. Or a volunteer group ready to remove fallen trees and debris from your yard. Or seeing the sun peek through the clouds after three days of cold, steady rain. Hope can also be the delivery of a hot meal and a kind word and prayer in the wake of the unimaginable.

Since last week, little signs of hope have been popping up all over Mayfield, Kentucky. Crews of workers from all over the country are out in force, restoring electricity, clearing streets, cutting down trees, and helping residents haul their ruined belongings to the street. “When you see the scope of the disaster it’s overwhelming,” said John Ludwick, a volunteer firefighter from Meredith, New Hampshire who came to Mayfield to work with Samaritan's Purse. “It is too much for these two hands – it takes many.” 

The Salvation Army is part of the brigade of hope.

Since last Tuesday, Salvation Army mobile feeding units have been driving the streets of Mayfield, Kentucky providing food and hot chocolate to residents cleaning up their homes and the volunteer groups who are working alongside them. Trained Salvation Army Emotional and Spiritual Caregivers are working beside them, ready to meet and minister to the community.

“This mobile feeding kitchen is a carrier of hope,” said Steve West, a Salvation Army volunteer who is driving the FedEx-sponsored mobile feeding kitchen from Gwinnett County, Georgia. “People see the Salvation Army driving down the street and know hope is on its way.”

Power has been restored to 98% of Mayfield. Debris is being hauled away and life is returning to a new normal. When the tornado impacted areas are stabilized and the last emergency crews return home, The Salvation Army will remain in the community as it was before the storm, providing hope in many forms.

You can help now by donating online at www.HelpSalvationArmy.org or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY and designating “KY Tornado Relief” with your gift.  Monetary donations will ensure The Salvation Army can meet the immediate needs of people impacted. The Salvation Army uses 100% of all disaster donations to support disaster relief.