• Eric Short

Sevierville Salvation Army Sets Up Center for First Responders in Pigeon Forge

(Wears Valley, TN) – The Salvation Army of Sevierville has partnered with local volunteers and the Pigeon Forge Fire Department to setup a rehab center at the Pigeon Forge High School cafeteria for first responders fighting the Wears Valley area wildfires. Lt. Melissa Melching said, “The rehab center is a place where first responders can go to eat, get medical supplies, relax, get cleaned up, and stock up on supplies.”

On Thursday, the Salvation Army provided 625 meals, 1,500 snacks, 2,150 bottles of water, and 1,575 Gatorades to first responders.

Adam Linsenbigler, Chaplain and Support Services Commander for the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department, expressed his gratitude for Lt. Melching and the Sevierville Salvation Army. “I was tasked with leading the Rehab units for the Hatcher Mountain/Indigo Lane fire in Sevier County. As the fire grew, so did our response, which required more supplies and more help. I had the privilege of meeting Lt. Melissa Melching and her team. She was very attentive and fit right into our team. Her knowledge, dedication and organization were a key to our success. She worked tirelessly the first night into the morning before finally taking a short time to nap. She is a huge asset to have on our team," said Linsenbigler.

According to Melching, the rehab facility will be in place until at least next week continuing to serve first responders.