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More Than 5,300 People Served and Nearly $300,000 Distributed at The Salvation Army’s Flood Recovery Sites in St. Louis Region

St. Louis, Mo. (Aug. 20, 2022) – The Salvation Army Midland Division Emergency Disaster Services and Social Services personnel and volunteers were busy in the weeks following St. Louis’ historic flash flooding in late July, serving more than 5,300 survivors at nine MARCs (multi-agency resource centers) and dispensing nearly $300,000 in financial aid.

From Aug. 2 to Aug. 11, The Salvation Army social services workers interviewed 1,776 clients, and 5,302 people were helped at the nine sites. Debit and gift cards totaling just over $292,000 were distributed, based on need determined in the interviews.

Almost 20,000 food items were distributed, including hot meals, snacks, and cold waters.

Emotional and spiritual care was offered to 558 people.

Other supplies gifted included house-cleaning flood kits (1,504), cleaning supplies (1,117), hygiene kits (445), and blankets (98).

The nine MARCs around the St. Louis region, including in East. St. Louis, Florissant, University City, North St. Louis, and Wentzville, offered assistance from a variety of groups, including The Salvation Army, to thousands of flood survivors Aug. 2-11.

The Salvation Army was in the thick of the assistance at the MARCs, offering hot meals, snacks, bottled water, financial assistance, flood kits (with cleaning supplies), hand sanitizer, and wipes, all free to people in need, courtesy of The Salvation Army Midland Division’s donors.

Some MARC attendees The Salvation Army interviewed had thousands of dollars in property damage, with rooms underwater and lifetimes of memories floating in basements covered in mold.

“The Salvation Army believes we need to continue in serving people where there is need,” said Martin Rueter, Divisional Director for Emergency Disaster Services. “We were happy to do that through this series of nine MARCs we participated in the St. Louis region. We will continue to work with those who have a need. In the meantime, we strongly encourage individuals who have been affected by the flooding, if they have not already, to please go to the FEMA site and register for assistance.”

To sign up to volunteer or donate to The Salvation Army Midland Division, or to learn more, visit salarmymidland.org.

To donate directly to Salvation Army local flood relief, go to https://donate.stlsalvationarmy.org/give/420123/#!/donation/checkout.

For more information, contact Nicholas White, The Salvation Army Midland Division Public Information Officer, at Nicholas.white@usc.salvationarmy.org or 314-717-9323.

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