• Michelle Hartfield

Creating Normal When Surrounded by Chaos: Hurricane Ian Relief Operations Continue in Florida

Fort Myers, FL - When everything around you feels out of control, it can be comforting to find even a small piece of “normal”. In the face of widespread catastrophe, and in some cases, having to enter and leave your house via canoe, that normal can be as simple as a hot, just cooked meal.

Salvation Army mobile feeding units hit the ground today to ramp up feeding efforts for those affected by Hurricane Ian in Florida. While providing hot meals, water, and snacks, teams were able to speak with locals and ask how they are doing.

Many families are now living in cars until they can return to their homes. Others, like Anna, are staying with friends since their houses are no longer habitable. “We finally made it to a store, but there was no mean or anything available to buy. This is such a Godsend,” Anna said. “We don’t know when we will have power again. This all just so new…and so hard. We can’t find help with cell service in and out. It’s such a blessing to drive by and see meals available. I’m just so grateful.”

Shawana Perkins considers herself fortunate to only have flooding and roof damage in one room of her house. She spoke of her experience in a shelter and being “treated like royalty”. “It’s times like this where people come together. We saw it after Hurricane Charlie too.” Shawana had just come from Publix where she attempted to find groceries. After swapping stories with fellow shoppers, one shopper spontaneously bought her a bouquet of flowers.

For Shawana, the chance to eat a hot meal on a table set with a vase full of flowers is one small step back to normal.