• Michelle Hartfield

Salvation Army aids Seniors in Assisted Living after Hurricane Ian

Port Charlotte, FL - Charlotte Towers is an assisted living facility for seniors in Port Charlotte, Florida. It’s one of three properties, with a combined 325 residents, overseen by Dawn Baker, who told Salvation Army personnel about their struggles with caring for their residents since Hurricane Ian.

Without enough diesel to keep generators running, they have been unable to keep the elevators functioning, trapping some residents who can no longer navigate stairs on upper floors.

“It's hard when we don't have our normal methods of communication. We are checking on everyone the best we can and trying to make sure they have what they need.”

The Salvation Army provided a hot lunch and dinner for residents as well as boxed, dry meals for future use and bottles of water. Volunteers carried hot meals up the stairs to residents unable to come down.

Residents were eager to talk and share their stories.

“I lived through Charlie,” said Ms. Shirley. “But we didn’t have water like this one.”

“I have a bed and a toilet,” said Mr. Barb. “I'm blessed.”

The Salvation Army will continue meal service to the towers and surrounding areas while residents can still not find food or cook for themselves.