• Michelle Hartfield

The Salvation Army Feeds Florida Law Enforcement after Hurricane Ian

Salvation Army Disaster Response Incident Command teams have a liaison whose job is specifically to reach out to local emergency management and other service organizations to determine areas of need.

Through these connections, The Salvation Army started feeding on-duty officers for the Charlotte County Sherriff’s office and staff at the Charlotte Correctional Institute.

Retired Deputy Lynn Nix, who still works with the Sherriff’s office, expressed their gratitude. “Thank you so much. Our staff is so appreciative.” Around 30 sheriffs have been on duty since the storm. “We do 12 days on and 12 days off,” said Nix. Three of their sheriffs lost their houses in the storm and are currently being housed by the county in hotels.

“The Salvation Army has been amazing. We are sure gonna miss you guys when you’re done.”

“The Salvation Army is always committed to helping on the ground, but we are especially excited to be able to serve First Responders,” said Kevin Chinault, Incident Commander.