• Donald Felice

The Salvation Army in Georgia Helps Those Impacted by Tornadoes

GRIFFIN, GA (January 13, 2022) The Salvation Army of Georgia quickly partnered with local authorities to strategize how best to help those in Georgia impacted after a devastating series of tornadoes that ripped through Alabama on Thursday, continued their destructive path eastward into the LaGrange, Greenville, and Griffin, Georgia regions.

In Griffin, Georgia, The Salvation Army started providing meals immediately at a Red Cross shelter located at the First United Methodist Church as well as providing meals for First Responders at the Spalding County Emergency Operations Center located at the Spalding County Fire Department. These meal services include about 350 meals per setting and will continue until they are no longer needed.

In the Meriwether County, GA, area The Salvation Army will be starting mass feeding operations in the Greenville area starting Friday night with an estimated 400 meals being served at each meal. These meal services will also continue until they are no longer needed.

In the LaGrange area, The Salvation Army Service Center located there is providing lunch, dinner, and snacks at the Red Cross shelter. At present, there are about twenty people in the shelter that are being served.

Currently, canteens (mobile kitchens) from both the Georgia Division and the Columbus Corps are being utilized with four more on standby from Gwinnett County, and Dalton, Covington, and Carrollton, Georgia.

“We are humbled and prepared to provide relief services to our fellow residents in Georgia impacted by these devastating tornadoes,” says Lanita Lloyd, Director of Emergency Disaster Services for The Salvation Army of Georgia. “And we will continue to assess and deploy Salvation Army disaster relief resources when and where they are needed.”

The Salvation Army Family Store in Griffin did not escape the impact of the tornadoes that tore through their community. The roof of the Family Store was completely sheared away by the high-force winds of the tornado. “The staff sheltered in a storage room when we saw the tornado coming our way,” said Michael White, Manager of The Salvation Army Family Store in Griffin. “It just tore the roof off and put it all in a big pile against a tree across the street.” There were no customers in the store at the time the tornado struck, as out of an abundance of caution, Mr. White had asked customers to leave earlier when he saw there was a possibility of severe weather approaching. In addition, thanks to the quick thinking of the Mr. White, all of the staff who sheltered in the storage room came through the storm safely.

“We are here to do all the good we can,” says Lt. Sebastian Arroqui, The Salvation Army Corps Officer for Griffin, Georgia. “Our main concern is to help those in our community during their time of need - even if we are impacted as well.”

In times of disaster, The Salvation Army is a trusted responder. With the generous support of communities, The Salvation Army can meet immediate needs during disaster responses. The best way to help relief workers and those impacted by disasters is to make a financial contribution. Financial contributions allow disaster responders to immediately meet the specific needs of those impacted.

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