• Michelle Hartfield

The Salvation Army Continues Tornado Relief Efforts in Selma, AL

The Salvation Army of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi is continuing relief efforts in the areas surrounding Selma, Alabama after devastating tornadoes hit on Thursday. Today, The Salvation Army partnered with Flint Hill Church to serve meals from the church parking lot and through roving vehicles branching out into harder-hit areas.

Pastor John Hill opened his church as a location for first responders, linemen, and survivors of the storm to sit down and have a hot meal. “I reminded all of my volunteers that we are here for hospitality. We are here to smile and to clean up after our guests. We are here for THEM.”

In addition to a canteen stationed at the church, Salvation Army disaster teams loaded roving vehicles with meals and journeyed out into the surrounding neighborhoods.

“There is no way to prepare for that moment when you drive into an area affected by a strong tornado,” said Salvation Army team member, Cindy Smith. “We followed the path of one storm, and you could see where it lifted off the ground and where it touched back down. Some of these areas will have to be leveled. To see and talk with people sorting through rubble to salvage anything they can…it just reminds us why we are here.”

The Salvation Army will continue to assess areas of need and respond in the aftermath of Thursday’s storms. “It is a pleasure to serve this community and provide comfort and meals in a time of trial,” said William Trueblood, Emergency Disaster Services Director for Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi." We hate the fact that we HAVE to do it, but we love the fact that we GET to do it.”