• Aimee Murry

The Salvation Army and Walmart Serve Rolling Fork Community

The Salvation Army and Walmart demonstrated their commitment to serving their communities today as they distributed bulk water and ice to the Rolling Fork community. Walmart donated a full container load of water and ice and partnered with The Salvation Army for the distribution.

 “We are grateful to The Salvation Army teams who quickly mobilized to provide much needed resources and services for the communities impacted by the recent tornado in Mississippi,” said Brooks Nelson, senior manager, disaster response and preparedness, Walmart.org. “We are proud to work side-by-side providing water and food to serve the Rolling Fork community.”

Walmart associates showed up in full force to participate, even bringing their cook trailer and preparing hot, fresh meals for all who needed it.

The Salvation Army team was honored to meet members of Walmart's Road Team and inspired by their own stories of passion and commitment to serving.

Longtime employees and colleagues, Greg Carter and Rickey Oliver were key in mobilizing the Walmart team that now serves in times of disasters.

“Things happened in our lives that made us who we are and got us to where we are now,” said Ricky. “My personal impact was Katrina. When Katrina hit, we had food lines set up and delivered to the hospitals. Walmart took such a big role in helping the community, and it inspired me.”

As for Greg, he felt the same call to help those in disasters when an F5 tornado leveled Henryville, Indiana in 2012. Greg approached his boss about helping, and they went on to feed 1,200-1,400 meals in a couple of days.

“Walmart listens to its people,” said Greg.

Greg and Rickey said they both have a passion and heart for disaster work and serving survivors. And now with a Walmart team that includes Russell Grubbs and JB Quarles, they travel where needed most, not only transporting water, food, and other essential items to disaster survivors but working with the ground crew and volunteers during the distribution. The Walmart Road team always has a hand ready to help, a warm smile, and kind words of encouragement to share.

The Salvation Army is grateful for Walmart’s partnership, support, and commitment to serving.

The Salvation Army continues to work with state and local emergency agencies and partner organizations to respond to immediate needs throughout Rolling Fork and the surrounding communities. To date, The Salvation Army has served over 4,500 meals to those in need.