• Cynthia Fuller

A “105-year-old’s” Testament of Resilience After Little Rock AR Tornado

Little Rock, AR (April 5, 2023) Ms. Couch and her 105-year-old mother found themselves in an unimaginable spot - sheltering in place with a deadly tornado heading straight for their property. The storm, which lasted approximately 30 miles and caused damage to hundreds of homes in Central Arkansas, moved into the neighborhood in Little Rock. Unfortunately, the tornado caused significant damage to the home and property.

As the Salvation Army teams roamed the neighborhood, Sergeant Brian Drummond, the Fayetteville Arkansas Corps Administrator, visited the property with his canteen and began to administer service. While providing a meal and a cold drink, he got to hear the harrowing story of survival. While visiting with Sgt. Drummond, Ms. Couch  and her family, working beside her that day, said, “God must have more for her to do.”

After being out on a canteen all day, Sgt. Drummond was overwhelmed with emotion, “It’s amazing to see that even at 105-years-old that the Lord still has something for her to do. She was surrounded by her family which were amazed by her resilience. It was such a great feeling to be able to pray with this wonderful family.”

The Salvation Army continues to provide meals, hydration, and emotional and spiritual care in the areas most affected by the tornadoes. In the midst of disaster, there are always moments that stand out and make an impression upon the heart. This story of resilience, faith, and service is not one soon to be forgotten.

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