• Cynthia Fuller

Salvation Army Canteen Crews Provide Comfort and Hope in Arkansas

Little Rock, AR (April 8, 2023) In North Little Rock, The Salvation Army provided more than just food to a customer in need.  Yolanda visited a location advertised to provide meals only to find out they were out of food.  Feeling dejected and unsure of what to do, she spotted a Salvation Army canteen nearby and approached them for assistance. 

To her surprise, not only did they provide her with hot meals, drinks, and snacks, but they also listened and prayed with her. Yolonda was moved by their kindness and kept repeating, “you don’t have to do this,” but they did anyway. 

“I’m a believer, and I love that by praying with me, you provided a light on a sad day,” said Yolanda. 

The Salvation Army crew members went above and beyond to make a difference in Yolanda’s life.  They provided her with much-needed nourishment, yet they also provided her with the comfort and hope that she needed in that moment. 

The Salvation Army is committed to serving the community and providing assistance to those in need.  They believe in the power of prayer, and the importance of providing hope and compassion to those who are struggling. 

Since a tornado tore through parts of Arkansas, The Salvation Army has provided 15,701 meals, 7,127 drinks, 11,724 snacks, and provided emotional and spiritual care to 771 contacts.

Financial donations can be made at www.helpsalvationarmyusa.org or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY to support response efforts. The Salvation Army is encouraging monetary donations in lieu of in-kind donations currently. For the latest Salvation Army disaster information please go
to www.disaster.salvationarmyusa.org. Future updates can be found on our social media pages www.facebook.com/SalArmyAOK and www.twitter.com/SalArmyAOKEDS.