• Cynthia Fuller

The Salvation Army Listens to Stories of Survivors in Shawnee, Oklahoma

April 25, 2023 (Shawnee, OK). The Salvation Army has stepped in to help the community of Shawnee after a tornado hit the area, causing significant damage to homes and businesses.  The officers, employees, and volunteers of The Salvation Army are working tirelessly to provide meals, hydration, emotional and spiritual care to those affected by the disaster.

Captain Stacey Connelly, Corps Officer for The Shawnee Salvation Army, shared stories of survivors who have received aid from the organization.  One woman recounted the harrowing experience of her home being destroyed while she, her husband, and their dog were seeking shelter in a closet.  Thanks to the help of neighbors and her son, they were able to find their beloved pet amidst the chaos.

Another woman expressed gratitude for The Salvation Army’s consistent support in times of crisis.  “This is the organization that always shows up and is why I always donate to The Salvation Army,” she remarked while being served a hot meal.

As well as providing physical aid, the organization is a listening ear to those who have stories to tell, offering hope and encouragement to all who need it. The Salvation Army remains committed to aiding the Shawnee community as they navigate the aftermath of the disaster. 

Financial donations can be made at www.helpsalvationarmy.org or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY to support response efforts. For the latest Salvation Army disaster information please go to www.disaster.salvationarmy.org and watch for regular updates on our social media pages at www.facebook.com/salvationarmyaok/ and www.twitter.com/salarmyeds and www.twitter.com/salarmyedsaok.