• Michelle Hartfield

When the Best Way to Help Yourself is by Helping Others: One Salvation Army Volunteer's story of Hope and Healing

Christy Hutchison has been a lifelong “helper”. Even as a child, she was determined to make life better for those around her. Christy joined the Navy, intending to make this her lifelong career, but was forced to pivot after sustaining life-altering injuries during a tour in the middle east. While undergoing many surgeries and therapies to regain some sense of normalcy inside her own body, Christy was determined to focus on what she COULD do and not the numerous things doctors were telling her she could not.

After Hurricane Idalia made landfall, Christy was anxious to find some way to help. “I need a purpose,” Christy said. “I can’t sit still, so I just showed up and asked if I could help.” Christy was welcomed and immediately put to work with one of The Salvation Army mobile feeding units, and she has found a new family and a purpose in Emergency Disaster Services.

“After everything I have been through, I have to keep moving. The thing that keeps me from falling down is pitching in to help people.” Christy has already started the process to become a credentialled volunteer with The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services and to keep serving wherever she can. “I can’t save everyone. I know that. But I’m going to try to help everyone that I can.”

For information on how you can volunteer with The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services, click here.

You can support relief efforts financially in the following ways:  

  • Visit helpsalvationarmy.org.
  • Call 1-800-SAL-ARMY.
  • Or text “STORM” to 51555