• Misty Ratcliff

The Salvation Army Increases Response to Middle Tennessee Tornadoes

[Nashville, TN] (December 11, 2023) – The Salvation Army will be increasing service to areas of Madison and Hendersonville that sustained damage and/or remain without power.

“Now that we are over 24 hours into our response, we have a much better view of the need in our community. We will be serving hot meals, snacks, and drinks at multiple locations in Madison and Hendersonville today to make sure those who remain in their homes without power, and those who are returning to their homes to start cleanup efforts, have access to hot meals and support for any emotional and spiritual needs they might have. Sometimes, being able to share your experience with a willing ear over a hot cup of coffee can help lift a weight from your shoulders,” said Captain Philip Canning, Incident Commander for The Salvation Army in Nashville.

Meal Service is planned in the following areas:

Madison – 2 Units:
One will be stationary at the corner of Nesbit and Heritage Place. The second will be roaming in the areas hit hard by the storm.

Hendersonville – 1 Unit:
Meal Service will happen in the Clearview Circle and Hunters Trail Area and then the unit will roam other areas hit hard by the storm.

During the first day of service, The Salvation Army provided:

330 Meals
136 Snacks
217 Drinks
3 Emotional/Spiritual Connections

If the community would like to help, monetary donations are the most effective way to allow us to gather the resources needed to best assist our community. 100% of donations given for this disaster will be used to fund our emergency response and recovery efforts for this disaster.

You can financially support our response efforts through the following channels:

Online: HelpSalvationArmy.org

Phone: 1-800-SAL-ARMY

Mail: The Salvation Army, PO Box 436437, Louisville, KY, 40253 – please put December 2023 Middle Tennessee Tornadoes on your memo line.