• Patricia Sims

Salvation Army Teams Push Onward with Effort to Support Firefighters Battling West-Central Nebraska Wildfires

NORTH PLATTE, Nebraska (February 28, 2024)—Salvation Army Western Division teams pushed onward Tuesday and Wednesday in their efforts to support first responders amid ongoing wildfires in the area.


Tuesday was day two of an Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) operation staffed by a combination of Western Divisional Headquarters personnel and North Platte Corps personnel.  On Tuesday, they worked with a local church to provide both lunch and dinner to scores of firefighters who’d been battling the blazes outside of town.  At midday, the team gathered at North Platte Corps, made 150 sandwiches, and transported them over to the central fire station, where first responder crews drove them onward to firefighters on the front lines of the wildfires.  Tuesday evening, the Salvation Army team provided 85 hot meals to firefighters for dinner, with the main course coming from a local Raising Cane’s restaurant.  A local Runza fast-food establishment and a Pepsi distributor also assisted with the feeding effort. 


As of Tuesday night—aided by a cold front that brought a round of snow to the North Platte area—fire crews had made great progress, with county officials declaring the wildfires to be more than 70 percent contained.  The total number of departments battling what was left of the blazes had shrunk from 24 to 10. 


Wednesday morning saw The Salvation Army continue its feeding operation, albeit with smaller numbers of firefighters left to feed.  Eighty breakfasts were served Wednesday.  Some 40 lunches were ordered up by officials – to be served to firefighters at midday.


The Salvation Army will continue to provide support in North Platte and the surrounding area for as long as it is needed.