• Cindy Fuller

Training for Action: The Salvation Army's Commitment to Preparedness

Oklahoma City, OK - Disasters can strike anytime, anywhere. The Arkansas-Oklahoma Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services team (AOKEDS) is committed to being there for our communities when they need us most. But our readiness begins long before a disaster unfolds. Over the past few weeks, our dedicated staff and volunteers have been actively participating in vital training sessions to ensure they're equipped to serve effectively in any situation.

These trainings have included our comprehensive Introduction to Disaster Services course for volunteers, which provides participants with a thorough understanding of The Salvation Army's disaster relief efforts.  Personnel from across the division acquired knowledge about the Incident Command System, which serves as the framework for coordinating and managing all services provided during disaster response efforts. Staff also honed their communication skills in our Public Information Officer (PIO) specialist course, gaining expertise in effectively sharing information with the public during times of crisis.


This commitment to ongoing training and education ensures that The Salvation Army can deliver the high-quality support our communities need when disaster strikes. From providing food and hydration to offering emotional and spiritual care and more, our trained personnel are ready to meet the diverse needs of those affected.


The Salvation Army's disaster preparedness doesn't stop here. Additional trainings are scheduled throughout the year, and we're always seeking passionate volunteers to join our ranks. Whether you have experience in disaster relief or simply a desire to help others in need, we encourage you to get involved.


To learn more about upcoming trainings or how to become a Salvation Army EDS volunteer, visit disaster.salvationarmyusa.org. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of those impacted by disasters.