• Thad Hicks

Tornado Response Continues in Ohio


On March 14th a series of tornados swept across the central part of the United States. In Ohio, the area known as Indian Lake was hit very hard by this line of storms resulting in the death of three and the injury of dozens more.

As the sun came up the next morning, individuals began taking stock of their damages and the impact of the storms. The Salvation Army operates a service unit in the area, so almost immediately, The Salvation Army was checking on neighbors and reaching out to local partners, resulting in The Salvation Army providing meals to the local Incident Command Post as they began operations.  

While much of the area was impacted, many pockets of the area surrounding Indian Lake experienced a total loss of homes and all personal belongings. The Salvation Army within the SWONEKY division reached out to multiple disaster response teams across the division to help address needs in the area. At this point, The Salvation Army is providing food service, emotional and spiritual care, and the distribution of other materials including gift cards, etc. As the days move on and additional unmet needs are identified, The Salvation Army will enlarge its footprint to continue serving the Indian Lake Community.