• Maria Matheus

National Volunteer Month Brings Port Charlotte's Mobile Canteen to Life

Port Charlotte, FL (April 4, 2024) Two years after Hurricane Ian ravaged coastal Southwest Florida’s Port Charlotte Community, The Salvation Army of Port Charlotte celebrated National Volunteer Month with a grand day. Their new mobile canteen was launched at the same time as they celebrated their army of volunteers in Charlotte and DeSoto counties. A grant from the Charlotte Community Foundation helped make the purchase possible.


Debuting the new mobile canteen during national volunteer month not only showcases the organization's commitment to serving the community, but it also highlights the importance of volunteers in disaster response and recovery efforts. The canteen will enable The Salvation Army to provide essential food and resources to those in need more efficiently.


The canteen is a symbol of hope and strength, showing those in need that The Salvation Army is always there for them. It will also provide a platform for volunteers to serve their community, restoring normalcy after a disaster.