• Cindy Fuller

"The Salvation Army is Angels on Wheels"

Oklahoma City, OK (May 3, 2024) – In far southern Oklahoma, Marietta received a significant impact from one of the 25 tornadoes that swept through the state overnight on April 27/28. Amidst the chaos and destruction, The Salvation Army quickly responded, arriving Sunday evening to provide assistance.

Assigned to serve the Marietta area, the Chickasha mobile feeding unit, led by Lt. Bobby McFarland, Corps Officer, and his team, not only provided food and hydration but also offered hope. Assessing the needs of the community, they encountered a Senior Complex where the storm left a major impact on some of the most vulnerable residents. Many seniors were traumatized by their inability to reach the nearby shelter due to mobility issues, leaving them feeling helpless.

When asked what it meant to serve during this disaster, Lt. McFarland replied, “No amount of preparation or training can get one ready for a disaster of this magnitude, but one thing one can lean on is that through the Holy Spirit, as believers in Christ, we are equipped and able to meet human needs without discrimination especially in tragic times such as this. It was an honor to meet some of the citizens of Marietta, especially the more "seasoned" of the community, the beloved elderly. The opportunity to serve at the senior complex really gave us insight as to just how important it is to have a heart to God and a hand to man. Though the season which brought us together is devastating in nature, the connection we shared with the people of Fern Markwell Senior Living and the rest of the town is salubrious. May God continue to bless those effected by the storms and may its residents have confidence that HOPE has arrived!”

The Salvation Army provided assistance for replacement food to residents of the complex on Thursday morning. All were so grateful and had such kind things to say about how “Lt. Bobby” treated them when he came by with those “really good” hot meals. One of the residents, Butch, said “The Salvation Army is Angels on wheels. You are truly a God send. You are the only ones who came to check on us.” They were so very grateful someone thought of their need and the losses they sustained. The Salvation Army is committed to uplifting communities and restoring hope in the face of adversity.

Financial donations can be made at www.helpsalvationarmy.org or by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY to support response efforts. For the latest Salvation Army disaster information please go to www.disaster.salvationarmy.org and watch for regular updates on our social media pages at www.facebook.com/salvationarmyaok/ and www.twitter.com/salarmyeds and www.twitter.com/salarmyedsaok.