• Philip Burn

Salvation Army Ongoing Disaster Service Bathed in Prayer in Southeast Texas

Houston, Texas (May 9, 2024) – Emotional and spiritual care (ESC) continues to be an integral part of The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services. Beyond the delivery of meals, drinks and snacks this week in Southeast Texas, staff and volunteers are ready to pray with community members, and listen to their individual stories of how they have been affected by widespread flooding.


The Salvation Army team meets together each day for a morning briefing and short devotional thought before loading their mobile feeding units and departing the warehouse. Captain Jenifer Phillips, ESC Officer, has challenged the group each morning and led a time of prayer. On Thursday morning, this important time ended in a prayer circle, sharing praying for the challenges of the day to come, the practical ministry of The Salvation Army about to take place, and especially for those most affected by the flooding across the region.


Eight mobile feeding units once again served meals in Plum Grove, Liberty, Hardin, Tarkington, River Plantation, New Caney, and west of Lake Houston. Additionally, The Salvation Army is providing 225 meals for lunch service at three American Red Cross Shelters in Cold Springs, Livingston, and Cleveland. Distributions of cleanup kits and food boxes are planned for three locations served by Salvation Army Service Extension units in Cleveland, Liberty and Livingston starting this week and managed by the local units and volunteers.


A team of emotional and spiritual care staff visited with residents in River Plantation where many homes have received considerable damage. “We walked through the River Plantation neighborhood, pulling a couple of wagons filled with snacks, water, hygiene kits, and beanie babies for the kids,” said Brenda Bair from The Salvation Army in Hood County. “We went from house to house and spoke with many people working outside or rang the doorbell if no one was around. People were very responsive and appreciative of the opportunity to talk about their experiences. We prayed with around 55 people today.”


One resident described how she had been rescued by boat when the water level reached her roof line. “It was the second time her home had been flooded since March and unfortunately this time, she lost everything,” said Bair. “She was a believer, and we were able to share a prayer together.”


The team from Conroe, Texas, served 400 meals from the mobile kitchen at the community point of distribution in River Plantation.


Since Sunday, The Salvation Army has served 10.016 meals, 6,332 drinks, 1,271 snacks and made 886 Emotional and Spiritual Care contacts. 849 cleanup kits, 480 food boxes, 1,344 MREs, and 247 hygiene kits have been distributed. The Incident Management Team continue to monitor flood levels and community needs throughout the area.


To make a donation to support The Salvation Army’s response efforts to Texas Floods (May 2024) go to helpsalvationarmy.org. For more information on The Salvation Army’s current disaster response efforts go to www.disaster.salvationarmyusa.org.