• Stephanie Chastain

Emery's Lemonade Stand: A Young Girl's Heartwarming Donation to Salvation Army Tornado Relief

When tornadoes devastated her hometown, 7-year-old Emery couldn't just stand by. Moved by the destruction, she approached her grandmother, Teresa, with a heartfelt idea. "Emery asked, 'Grammy, can we set up my lemonade stand to help those in need?'" Teresa recalls. On those sweltering days, Emery, with the help of her friend Naomi, who was also affected by the storm, set up a lemonade stand. They served ice-cold lemonade and began collecting donations from generous community members.


Emery expressed, "I felt bad for the people who lost their homes, and my mom said I can give my money to help them." Their lemonade stand was on one of The Salvation Army's mobile feeding routes, and Captain Johnathon Flowers stopped by, offering hot meals. Touched by Emery’s compassion, Captain Flowers provided extra snacks for her to distribute.


Knowing she wanted her donations to help those most in need, Emery chose to give all the proceeds to The Salvation Army. Her selfless act stands as a beacon of hope and community spirit, proving that even the smallest hands can make a big difference. This heartwarming story is a testament to the power of kindness and the impact one young girl can have on her community in times of need.