• Stephanie Chastain

Grace Hills Church and The Salvation Army: A Divine Collaboration

When tornadoes struck Rogers, AR, Grace Hills Church, led by Pastor Josh, immediately stepped in to assist the affected community. "Our members were heavily impacted by the storm, so we felt called to help," said Pastor Josh. The church coordinated with a local elementary school, receiving quick approval for a large-scale feeding operation.


As the need grew, Grace Hills began to run low on food and supplies. Recognizing the urgent need, a teacher from the elementary school knew that a Salvation Army vehicle was feeding nearby and called for help.


The Salvation Army promptly responded, arriving with additional meals and supplies. Together, Grace Hills Church and The Salvation Army provided 956 meals to those in need. 


A volunteer from Grace Hills reflected, "Before we came here, I prayed for God to multiply our food, and here you are, an answered prayer!" This collaboration beautifully showcased how God brings groups together to serve those in need, answering prayers and multiplying efforts when we act in His name. The unity and dedication displayed by both Grace Hills Church and The Salvation Army stand as a testament to the power of faith and community.