• Stephanie Chastain

Compassionate Collaboration Brings Hope to Rogers, AR

Fayetteville, AR (June 10, 2024) A devastating storm hit Rogers, AR, residents faced extreme challenges, including power outages during the hottest week of the year. Rogers High School, with the help of dedicated staff, students, and volunteers, transformed into a hub of support, providing disaster clean-up kits, hot meals, and cold water to those in need. Despite having funding through their Summer Feeding Program, this aid was limited to students, leaving their parents without necessary support.


"During a disaster, parents will often forgo eating to ensure their children are fed," says Laurie Fried, Territorial Long Term Recovery Program Specialist and Incident Commander for The Salvation Army during the Memorial Day storms in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Recognizing the critical need, the school reached out for additional help.


The Salvation Army responded swiftly, serving 1,400 meals to support both students and their families as disaster relief efforts progressed and power was gradually restored. Laurie Fried highlighted the importance of this collaboration, noting, "It is concerning and stressful for a school or community to see the parents of their students go hungry."


The partnership between Rogers High School and The Salvation Army extends beyond immediate relief. The Salvation Army plans to return to the school to participate in Multi-Agency Resource Centers, continuing their mission to support long-term recovery in the area. "Serving in a location like this not only allows us to help more individuals but also helps us to identify needs for long-term recovery," Laurie Fried explains.


This compassionate collaboration exemplifies the strength and resilience of the Rogers community, showcasing how teamwork and dedication can bring hope and stability during difficult times. The ongoing relationship between Rogers High School and The Salvation Army ensures that the community continues to receive the support it needs to recover and rebuild.


The Salvation Army is grateful for the hard work and dedication of the Rogers High School volunteers and staff, whose efforts have made a significant impact on the lives of those affected by the storm. Together, they have demonstrated the power of community and compassion in the face of adversity.